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Alarm Systems Plus was established in 1990. Our Home Automation & Security System Installation Company was established with the goal of serving both residential and commercial customers. We offer complete integrated security systems that incorporate Burglar Alarms, Camera Systems, and Access Control, including Bionic Finger Readers, Background Sound, Intercoms, Fire Systems, and more.

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  • Security System Company Sterling Heights

    Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Security Company

    There were many changes taking place during the pandemic, and we were working with our clients to make sure that they were safe. One of the most significant changes was that people were not allowed to meet in person, so they had to get as much as they could do remotely. The primary purpose was to keep everyone safe and reduce the chances of catching the Coronavirus.

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  • Security System Company Sterling Heights

    How COVID-19 Affected Us

    There were many changes taking place throughout the pandemic, and the most significant one was people spending a lot more of their time indoors. People rarely left their houses because they wanted to stay safe through the pandemic while waiting for things to get better. There were other changes taking place as well, and the Government was implementing restrictions and new rules that allowed people to work remotely and encouraged companies to close their doors. 

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