October 7th, 2021
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How Covid-19 Affected Us

There were many changes taking place throughout the pandemic, and the most significant one was people spending a lot more of their time indoors. People rarely left their houses because they wanted to stay safe through the pandemic while waiting for things to get better. There were other changes taking place as well, and the Government was implementing restrictions and new rules that allowed people to work remotely and encouraged companies to close their doors. 

As a home security company, we were spending a lot of time working on acquiring new clients through the pandemic because they could not leave their homes for the most part. People wanted to keep their eyes on another location or place while they were staying home. Many of them wanted to have their houses looked after to make sure they did not have any break-ins.

The pandemic was a challenging time for most companies, especially because most of the work we handled was in person. While people could view their feeds remotely, we manually set up their security systems, which was quite challenging. Most of our clients were not open to meeting us in person, at least at the start of the pandemic but with the vaccination process and the easing of the restrictions, they started opening up to it.

Throughout the pandemic, although getting work done was challenging, we made it a point to always follow local and state laws and made sure they were in conjunction with our protocols. We will still be in business and work on all that we can, but we do not want to make any changes inconveniencing our clients! The biggest hurdle is just staying safe; we provide our employees with hand sanitizer masks.

While following and keeping up with all the rules, which were new and regularly updated, was challenging, we worked on them. Otherwise, installations were booming all through. People still want and need camera systems and burglar systems. We have not slowed down, and business still is going on with regular phone calls coming in!

An interesting fact about our functioning is that we are fortunately using the same means we were in the past. We did not have to make any changes because we were not meeting people in person, pre-pandemic. For the most part, we communicated through phone, email, and text messages and continue to do that. We are working on a new website and will soon be starting a new marketing approach. We encourage our clients to connect with us whenever possible. They could also use the website or any of our information.

Through the pandemic, depending on the rules, we were working from the office and remotely. With all our stuff in the office, it made coordinating work a lot easier. Currently, we still usually have someone in the office at all times. I hired an assistant, Alyssa Stong, and she works there alone, so there isn’t a chance of her getting sick. Another challenge we were facing with remote working was that we don’t have customers’ files in front of us, which was challenging. We have to base off from computer information only, and that can sometimes become quite tricky.

With the authorities easing up on the restrictions, we do not have any rules for people coming into the office. Masks are still mandatory in most parts, and we make it a point to follow those rules while maintaining social distance whenever possible. Additionally, we had to start cleaning regularly and disinfecting the place. We have a team that works on wiping down desks and phones. We also provide masks and hand sanitizers.

While many companies were changing their work schedules through the pandemic, we stuck to the same amount of timings and hours when we were getting things done. We still work 24×7 and are always just a phone call away for our clients.

Working with security systems, we had to make sure we were using secure platforms and servers to protect our client information. We verified all systems to make sure that the networking was done well. With a dependable system, even pre-pandemic, we did not have to make a lot of changes. We have a separate IT team that only handles the servers and the networking, and they are always available 24×7 as well.

When it comes to meetings, we are open to meeting our clients in person if they are willing. We would travel and meet them, too, as long as they were open to following the masking and distancing rules. However, on the flip side that they want to communicate remotely, we adjusted to that. We use various platforms to assist with the process depending on their needs and requirements. We would like to partake in virtual public events and business Expos at some point in time because we cannot meet many people in person. It would be a lot more engagement and branding for our firm.

We were temporarily shut and had to put a few new installations and services on hold during the nationwide lockdown. However, our monitored customers never stopped and were still monitored even through the pandemic, so they knew that they were safe and looked after.

I heard that our customers have been safe for the most part. I pray for them to continue being safe and healthy. My mother had COVID before it was known, but she was okay three weeks later. If you are looking for a security system, whether for in-home security or for camera, audio or video systems, connect with us at Alarm System Plus. We started more than thirty years back with our main intention of serving both residential and commercial customers. We have clients across the state and would not mind expanding and working with others if they need our assistance.