Active Watch by Alarm Systems Plus


Active Watch is focused on providing Real Time” remote video monitoring to businesses at affordable prices. We provide proactive security solutions to our customers by using trained security personnel to monitor the cameras in “Real Time”. When an event occurs, our security personnel has the ability to dispatch local law enforcement or private security. We can also follow any special protocols we can supply or integrate with what you have in place.

We provide 2 options to our “Real Time” VIDEO MONITORING services:

  • 12 Hour (Day or Evenings)
  • 24 Hour Monitoring LIVE Video Monitoring Service (365 days per year)

Included in this service:

Tailored protocols to each individual customer (Our team would work with yours to ensure that your protocol is implemented seamlessly to your security standards). Protocols define how our monitoring agents respond to an event such as:

  • Dispatching law enforcement immediately (police, fire, ambulance).
  • Dispatching site security immediately
  • Contacting the owners / managers immediately when an event is occurring
  • Daily activity reports sent from our monitoring station to the customer
  • Activating customer supplied on premise sirens to strongly discourage intruders. ( equipment compatibility dependent).

Active Watch Security also provides access control and remote concierge services for companies that require remote gate operation, verification of vehicles and personal entering and exiting with our without vehicles or merchandise. This service may or may not include the requirement to scan and log. One of our major clients is a Canada wide transport carrier in which we have national contact. Active Watch consulted and worked with the carrier on the design and implementation. Active Watch is not just a security company we are a technology company with a wealth of contacts, consulting and combined experience that we offer to our customers as part of our service.
Access Control Monitoring

We Provide Video Monitoring Services for the following industries:

  • Storage yards
  • Trucking / Transport Industry
  • Construction sites
  • Car Dealerships
  • Business Owners
  • Parking Lots
  • Legal Cannabis Industry
  • Shopping Malls
  • Property Management (Hotels, condominium complexes, resorts)
  • Private Residences
  • Gated Communities (U.S)
  • Recreational Property
  • Loss Prevention

Our business model is to build partnerships with our customers. With that in mind we are excited to share with you any of our expertise and knowledge as well as our vast network of professionals and suppliers. Here with me in our executive offices; our CEO / Operations Manager, Christopher Reid, has managed and installed all types of physical and electronic security systems. As General Manager of United Protection Services, Christopher managed video installations & monitoring, personal protection services, private investigation, alarm response, stationary security service and mobile patrols. His management experience also includes LPO services for National retailers and grocery chains.