Alarm Systems Plus provides home security to hundreds of homeowners. Many have been with us for years, some 31 years of continued service. The reason is that we have provided the state of art equipment 31 years ago and through the years we have kept up with the latest technology advances and equipment and services. Our prices have always been competitive, but our personal service has been outstanding. That is the reason our customers have remained subscribers for years and years. Home alarms have been so much more than just burglar alarms. Through the years we have emphasized fire protection that works 24 hours a day and also sump pump monitoring that also protects your home at all times. Today, besides smoke & fire protection and sump pump monitoring, we also offer cellular communication, which means there is no need for home phone lines, the cell phone apps allow you to arm and disarm your security system from your cell phone. We also have cameras for watching your home and thermostats to control the temperature in your home. We can help design your “perfect” Smart Home.
Security System Company Sterling Heights

We’re not picking on other alarm companies, but let’s be clear that national home security companies don’t always have the experience or the customization that home security solutions require. Alarm Systems Plus specializes in assessing the security risks your home and property face and then proposing a home security system to address those concerns without blowing past your budget.

Our goal is to bring you greater peace of mind through securing your home in a way that enhances rather than limits your daily life. Whether that’s a complex home security system with all the latest home automation or a basic approach that gives you options to add on when your budget allows, Alarm Systems Plus is here to serve your home and business.

Give us a call, and we’ll give you a quote for home security. We’re available 24/7.

Security System Company Sterling Heights

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