spring special - protect your home!

Watch your HOME on your device from anywhere in the world!

Camera System - 4ch DVR with 4 Cameras

   - $800 Installation Included

   - Popular Camera Systems we use are Dahua Technology, Hikvision, and Speco Technologies

Alert Cell Communicator Customers

If you have a cell communicator with your burglar alarm system and it has 3G technology, you're going to have to upgrade very soon!!

3G will no longer communicate!

what are your options?

Purchase a new Telguard Cell Communicator 

    - $120 Installed

    - Included: App for arming & disarming (w/newer panel)


Purchase the newest alarm system out now, Qolsys! 

    - 7" Touch screen, Alarm.com Cell w/App, built in camera, glass break, hands free disarming, smart home ready!

    - This is the HUB of your house!! Program lights, door locks, thermostats, cameras, garage doors, panic buttons, sump pumps, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, keyfobs, etc. 

Qolsys System Package

Qolsys System Packages starting at $550 with 2 Doors, 1 Motion, 1 Light Dimmer

4 Doors/Windows, 1 Motion, 1 Light Dimmer, 1 Smoke Detector, 1 CO2 Detector at $775