November 5th, 2021
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Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Security Company

There were many changes taking place during the pandemic, and we were working with our clients to make sure that they were safe. One of the most significant changes was that people were not allowed to meet in person, so they had to get as much as they could do remotely. The primary purpose was to keep everyone safe and reduce the chances of catching the Coronavirus.

Offices and other establishments that stayed shut for a long time had no choice but to have security to assist them and make sure that they were safe while their doors were closed. They wanted to make sure they would not have any issues with their offices and would not face any robberies or break-ins during the time they were shut. While some were hiring security guards, others thought it might be better to get a better security system installed.

We learned that there were people who were unsure about which company they were going to pick and work with. We were trying to create a list of tasks and pointers that would help them get the best team possible because we wanted to make sure that they would make good decisions and not end up with something that they were not happy about. Once you get a system set up, you would likely not want to change it to avoid starting from scratch, which means an additional investment and a giant waste of all the resources already used. Here are some of the questions that we thought should be asked to get through the process.

1. Customer Service 
You want to find a company that puts a priority on customer service. Security is the number goal, of course, but following that is customer service. If you find a company that does not have that as a priority, don’t hire them. You would have a lot of questions when you are getting through the process, and you want to make sure that you are working with someone who would be able to assist you with the answers. There are other changes they would want to get through as well.

2. Reputation
Google makes it easy to determine a company’s reputation (complaints are often the first results to the surface, but refrain from limiting your research to keyword searches only.) Look at ratings and review sites like Yelp and reference social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, check out the agency’s Better Business Bureau rating.

Ask the company for client references and speak with them to learn whether they were satisfied with the work done. It is even suggested to find out how the agency’s employees feel about working there. It may be difficult to figure out in the short run, but by meeting company representatives, you can get a feel for their attitude.

3. Accommodates Your Needs
The company works with your schedule, particularly if it involves varying hours. The company works around your needs and wants for your security system. If it’s not willing to accommodate you, it’s not looking for your business. The more flexible that a company is, the better. They should take some time to understand your requirements and be able to implement all of them. There are other changes they would want to get through, and you want to make sure they can. 

4. Technical Knowledge
When you’re hiring an alarm monitoring service or considering purchasing a security product, ensure that you approach a knowledgeable professional. Check if the salesperson or technical representative has insight into the technology that they are trying to sell. If they use the same approach to sell every other product, they may not be very reliable. Technology changes regularly, and you want to be working with a company that is keeping up with the trends and happy to update you on the happenings in security. Additionally, they should give you all the options you can work with because some establishments might be open to reducing the number of features to match their budget and requirements.

5. Range of Services and the Level of Equipment
Today’s home security systems are significantly advanced. They can include high-quality video cameras and wireless technology that allows you to control the entire system from your smartphone or another digital device. The best home security monitoring company you find should have a system in place for verifying your alarm tripped and notifying the authorities within a manner of minutes.

While you may have modest needs when it comes to home security, you can find the best alarm system company available to offer various services, from monitored smart alarm systems to smoke alarm systems and medical alert systems, along with features like panic buttons and fire-suppression sprinklers. You would then be in a better position to choose and work with the requirements you have.

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